How to Get Clients to Keep Coming Back

customerHow many times have you had to wait on hold for hours or had a conversation with someone so rude and unwilling to answer your questions about a service? Customer service is everything nowadays, especially with so many different methods to communicate about it.

I remember the last time I said I would never buy from a certain company again because I spent 45 minutes on hold and when I asked a question, I had to be transferred to another person, when they dropped my call.  So I had to call back and wait even longer and by the time I got to the right person, he was disrespectful and could not help me.  The next thing I did was tell my friends.  One act of poor customer service can prevent many future clients.  Now with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the other social media sites, all your clients opinions can be posted in a minute and have all their followers seeing.

On the contrary, I have had amazing service at a hair salon and now I go there every single time and get the same woman.  I have also told my friends how amazing she was.   Keeping customers happy is all about customer service.  This will create a loyal client base.  A basic rule is that it costs much more to interest a new client than keeping a current one.  People tell twice as many people about a bad experience than a good one.  Making certain the customer service is at its best is a good way to increase customer satisfaction.

Positively greeting clients once they enter is a good way to immediately start off.  Another way to communicate effectively is to have more people interact with the client.  A study showed that the more staff that communicated with the client, the better the client’s experience was.  Treating other work members well is a good way to brighten their mood and transfer this happiness to others around them.

Another way to keep clients satisfied is to first pretend you are one.  Go through the process and see what can be altered to benefit the customer.  Before the appointment, you can send them a reminder; during the appointment, you can reduce wait time and communicate effectively; after the experience, follow-up with a phone call or email to ensure their satisfaction.

Finally, make sure your products and services surpass expectations.  Even if you cannot reduce wait time, just think about the customer.  Maybe have out pet snacks and reading material for the client.  If there is an unhappy customer, make sure to handle it efficiently and speedy.  Many customers will forgive if the problem is handled this way.  Rather than avoiding an angry client and having the bad service spread to the Internet, this method is much more effective.

The main point is to make the customers satisfied and business will benefit.  Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and retain current clients.  Keeping employees happy will in turn keep customers happy and improve your business and services.