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Ian Somerhalder, the IS Foundation

ian-somerholder-435Ian Somerhalder announced, in various interviews that he was setting up “Ian Somerhalder Foundation” The foundation was launched on December 8, 2010,Ian Somerhalder’s 32nd birthday. He hopes will educate people on the importance of protecting the environment and animals: “Instead of gifts this year, my birthday wish is that we come together and raise funds to support projects that protect our habitat and nurture our furry friends

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Ellen DeGeneres the Veterinarian?


Aellen_degeneres_usps_pet_stamps1s a young girl Ellen DeGeneres dreamed of becoming a veterinarian;
Ellen is a serious advocate for animals. While she may have a section of her website dedicated entirely to hilarious animal photos and videos. She frequently discusses her activism through her social media accounts and hit daytime talk show. Ellen is also a co-owner and board member of the Halo Pet Foundation, a company that offers a holistic approach to pet products. Continue reading

A Heroic Tale of Kansas Cops and a Fortunate Dog

On the Fourth of July, Wichita Police Department tweeted the rescue of a German shepherd that was on a highway ledge.   The tweet has gone viral with the support of thankful citizens happy to see the dog saved.  Below is the tweet that was posted.

via Wichita Police Dept twitter

via Wichita Police Dept twitter

A pair of officers was finishing a traffic duty when they spotted a German shepherd on the overpass ledge.  The ledge was approximately 30 feet above the overpass and was only a foot-and-a-half wide.  Another set of officers came to assist them help the dog over the ledge.  One officer joined the dog on the ledge to help her back over, while the other officers helped lift the dog and hold onto the police officer on the ledge.

This was just the beginning.  The dog escaped from her collar and ran off after being moved off the ledge.  Traffic had to be stopped to once again rescue the German shepherd.  Since the kennels were full, one officer offered to take the dog to his house.  The photo was posted of the rescue to find the owner of the dog, which went viral and ended with the dog reunited with her family.  Fireworks were expected to be the cause of the escape.  It was very fortunate the officers were there and rescued this dog, twice!  The department earned the Compassionate Action Award from PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals for the officers who have “gone above and beyond” to protect animals, said PETA spokesman Liam Cronin.

Rest assured, there may be a good reason you’re dog-tired.

While countless pet owners peacefully sleep with a warm pet nearby, a new study finds an increase in the number of people experiencing sleep disturbances because of their pets.

A new Mayo Clinic study, finds an increase in the number of people experiencing sleep disturbances because of their pets.

A previous Mayo Clinic study published in 2002 reported that of patients who visited the clinic’s sleep center and owned pets, only one percent reported any inconvenience from their pets at night. The new study shows a larger number of patients — 10 percent in 2013 — reported annoyance that their pets sometimes disturbed their sleep. Continue reading

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on Visitors

jumpYou may have a dog that jumps up on visitors at the door.  This is because they like to sniff faces when greeting strangers, whether it is another dog or a person.  Since a person is much taller, the dog jumps up.

To stop your dog from jumping, train by encouraging him to keep all his paws on the floor.  Do not punish if he does not get it right away, just do not touch him or pay attention (if necessary, turn around) until he has his paws down.  Then you give him all your attention and pet him because what he wants is your attention when you get home.  It is important to do this method consistently, so your pet can make the connection.

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Living with a House Rabbit

Rabbits are intelligent, social animals that need affection, and they can become wonderful companion animals if given a chance to interact with their human families.


The Benefits of Spay and Neuter

Although most rabbits will use a litter box, hormones may cause unneutered males and unspayed females to “mark territory.” Spaying or neutering your rabbit improves litter box habits, lessens chewing behavior, decreases territorial aggression, and gives your rabbit a happier, longer life. Have your rabbit neutered between ages 4 to 6 months, depending on sexual maturity, by an experienced rabbit veterinarian. Continue reading

No Ice Water for Dogs.. The Truth Behind the Rumor

Unfortunately, there has been a rumor flowing through social media sites claiming the dangers that ice water has on dogs.  This post has been proven FALSE!  The rumor states that possible bloating can occur from ice water and could even lead to death.  While bloating is possible, it is NOT because of the ice water.  In fact, it is actually from drinking the water too fast and does not have any correlation with the temperature of the water.  Some veterinarians believe the ice water can actually be beneficial to slow down the dog from drinking too fast, thus leading to the condition, gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness

The 2014 hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 30th, and if emergency evacuations are required, arrangements for your pet are best thought of now. Public shelters will not accept pets. If you wait until the last minute to evacuate, you may have no choice but to go to a public shelter.


Make sure your pets have current vaccines and take these records with you if you evacuate. Attach a current photo of your pet to their vaccine record. Train your pets to become familiar with their carriers ahead of time. Then the carrier will be a safe and comforting refuge if the animal is required to live in it for days after the storm. You may not be at home if an evacuation order comes. Find a trusted friend who is willing to take your pets and meet you at a prearranged location. This person should be comfortable with your pets, know where the pets should be, know where your disaster kit is, and have a key to your home. You will need… Continue reading